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JRK Property Holdings: Value-Added Property Investments

Business Principles

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is paramount at JRK Property Holdings in regard to both our properties and our culture. JRK is operated for the benefit of its residents, guests, investors and employees, and we place a premium on fulfilling our clients’ needs to their utmost satisfaction.

Exemplary Talent

Our associates are the foundation of JRK’s success, and their professionalism and entrepreneurialism is a distinguishing and fundamental characteristic of our company. Finding and retaining enthusiastic individuals who are at the top of their fields, demonstrate pride in their work, and deliver consistent and measurable results is paramount. JRK employees embrace their jobs and are committed to our company’s success.


JRK employees trust each other and value one another as team members. Everyone, regardless of position or background, is expected to contribute to the team and encourage their fellow employees. JRK employees are expected to be prepared and have an opinion, but are also flexible, nimble, and able to take into consideration a colleague’s suggestions. We are not constrained by hierarchy or titles – success and hard work is rewarded.


Our team likes to be challenged, expects to be stretched, and embraces innovation and change rather than sticking with “the way it’s always been done.” We are always thinking outside the box and constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers. JRK employees are always excited to learn a new skill and grow in their role.

Focus on Hospitality

JRK offers unrivaled customer service to all of our residents and guests. The consistently warm and welcoming service offered by our outstanding teams of associates is a large part of why our properties stand above our competitions’.


Our integrated corporate structure has allowed us to develop synergies across our multi-family, hotel and investment divisions. On-site employees are able to continuously improve execution by drawing on the strategic capabilities of employees at our corporate headquarters, which include providing market research, customer service for residents, design concepts, and help with capital management.